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News on social media privacy policy and third-party information risk are all over the media after Facebook’s security breach. This has put any form of social platform under scrutiny.

Facebook’s security breach impacted 30 million users. Fourteen million of them had their names, contact details, and sensitive information exposed including recent location check-ins.

Aside from social platforms, well-known firms such as Saks, Panera or UnderArmour were also involved in security breaches in 2018 with hundreds of millions of records breached.

According to, dating sites are also vulnerable. In the last three years, the industry has had to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to victims of security breaches and identity theft.

Social platforms are having to re-think their privacy policies to avoid both security and privacy breaches. These are related but not the same.  Therefore, it’s important to understand how this impacts your personal information.


“A data breach is the intentional or unintentional release of secure or private/confidential information to an untrusted environment.”

It is one of the earliest stages of a security attack by a malicious intruder. They happen when the security policy and procedures get violated.

When information is used or released by a third and malicious third party, we have a security breach. It is intentional. That company or person uses the data for their own agenda.


“A privacy breach is the loss of, unauthorized access to, or disclosure of personal information.”

This is when personal information is stolen, lost, or mistakenly shared even if it is not published. It may also be a consequence of feeble business procedures.

The best way to avoid a privacy issue is to set up measures to make it hard for intruders to abuse the system or for someone to share personal information by mistake. In social media, when you access through another social media profile, you increase risk. Therefore, one way to avoid that risk is not to allow third-party logins.  This makes it difficult for bots to fill out fake profiles. At LatinConexiones, we don’t allow third-party logins.

Impersonation is very common on dating sites and it can happen in two ways: someone pretends to be you or someone pretends to be someone else to hurt you. It’s our commitment to keep your personal information safe. We make it a priority to detect fake profiles and to make sure you have a pleasant experience with our platform.


The law requires privacy policies. Privacy laws worldwide dictate that if you collect personal information from website visitors, then you need to have a Privacy Policy posted to your site. Many third-party services used to enhance website performance also require you to have a Privacy Policy.

These policies establish how and when they will use your personal information in the company. At LatinConexiones, we have established a very strict and strong policy to protect you. You can read it here.

As a member of our community, you can also help us avoid breaches and protect your privacy by reporting any suspicious behaviors here.


We want to ensure you are comfortable and protected when using LatinConexionesMember privacy and security is our top priority. Here are some systems we have put in place:

privacy policy

  • Our site requires little personal information from members. The less information we keep, the less risk.
  • We don’t allow signup through other social platforms or any third party apps for that matter. This helps avoid others logging in for you.
  • Unlike Facebook, our platform does not permit other businesses to advertise on our site. We don’t want anyone else to have access to your information.
  • Our  Internet Dating Excellence Association status keeps us focused on safety and privacy.
  • We hunt for fake profiles, message bots, and any other type of bots powered by artificial intelligence as part of our dating site’s privacy best practices and security. We have no tolerance for impersonators.
  • Our web host is Amazon Webhosting. They are one of the top web hosting services in the world and the same web hosting service used by some of the world’s biggest financial institutions for their high levels of security and constant technology updates.


It’s our commitment that you feel safe in our community, and we are always looking for ways to protect our members. We will hunt down and ban those who create fake profiles and try to compromise our community. It’s our hope that you have a genuine and safe experience in the community we worked so hard to build.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we invite you to contact us.

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Safety Statement is committed to help you have safe, fun, comfortable and successful experiences on our site. Safety is one of our highest priorities and we will continue to help you protect your personal information, your personal well-being and have safe and trouble-free experiences. We stress that your safety is your responsibility and you are in control of your new relationships but we offer the following recommendations to help. We will continue to add resources and sites that have additional safety tips for you to follow as you build your new relationships.

Just as in offline dating most people have good intentions and are also safe people but we must always be cautious and wary of the small percentage who have less than honorable intentions. During online dating it is easier to meet many more people and become excited about the opportunities. Remember, that while we strive to protect your interests it is not possible to ensure 100% that all members have your same interests in mind.

Select an anonymous username that does not include your name and you haven’t used it anyplace else. Likewise, select a unique password for LatinConexiones that you have not used anywhere else. After you enroll on set up an email account that will be used only for any new correspondence generated with your new online relationships. Consider using photos that have been taken only for use on and not anywhere else. Use a separate set of images and selfies or photos. Keep in mind it is possible to run a Google Image Search and another person can discover everywhere that you have appeared on the internet.

If you want additional photos of your new interest ask for photos that show him, or her, in a variety of situations with other people and at different times of their life. Ask a lot of questions when communicating. You should be looking for consistency; a string of integrity. Ask a question and later ask the question again in a different way and a different conversation. You are looking for consistency and honesty.

Do not disclose your identity, phone number or personal contact information until you are comfortable doing so. Keep your communications on the LatinConexiones site until you are absolutely certain you want to move them. Bad characters will try to move them as quickly as possible.

Trust your instincts and remember that your excitement and your instincts are jacked a little – Use common sense. Always be cautious and remind yourself that you know almost nothing about the new people you are meeting. Everything you have learned is being shared with you by someone who is behind a computer screen. If something feels bad, or wrong, it probably is. In the excitement and fun and emotion of meeting someone who may be that person it is easy to let the guard down and forget the natural self-protection.

You can run a background check but remember if a person conducts bad online behavior but has never been caught a background check won’t help. Keep you antennae alert for unusual requests for money, requests for off-color photos, abusive or offensive language, questionable solicitations or intrusive questioning. You are in charge of what you reveal. Block and report suspicious users or anyone who violates our terms of use.

You are in control of your online presence. Do not let anyone take away that control.