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Setting Up Your Account
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Getting Started

Welcome to our website! You are about to start a journey that may change your life forever!

To help you along, here are the instructions to get you started on your adventure.

1) Signing Up:

account_001You can sign up for free by entering your name, email and password in the designated fields. Your password should be minimally 6 characters long (letters or numbers or a combination of both).

You can also register with your Facebook or Google+ account.

2) Signing In:

If you are already a free or paid member, you can log in on the top right of the page, at “Member Login.”

3) Setting Up Your Account

Whether a free or paid member, you need to set up your account.

a) Create a user name
b) Write your real name, date of birth and all other required information. (Your real name will not be visible to others on the site).
c) Under Country, select the country where you live.
d) Under State and City, use the drop down list to select your city and state. If your city does not appear on the list, select “Other” and write the name of your city.
e) Read the Terms and Conditions and don’t forget the check the “Agree” button.
f) Click “Continue” and your basic information is saved.

4) Your Basic Details

Next are your basic details, your ethnic background, marital status, nationality, your profile heading (what your profile will communicate to other members), a little about yourself and what you are looking for in your future partner.

Just fill out these basic points and you can start browsing our members!

5) Your Profile Photo

Your profile photo is important – most members will select you based on your profile photo. It’s the first impression that counts!

Uploading your profile photo is simple:

a) Click on the empty photo space.
b) Select a photo from your computer.
c) Click “Upload” and your photo will appear in your profile.

profile_photo_001Note: Make sure your photo is not too large or too small. Photos smaller than 300 x 300 pixels will not be accepted. Large photos take a long time to upload and may not show correctly on your profile. The best is when your photo is not larger than 800 pixels and is square. You can make your photo larger or smaller in any photo editor.

You can change your profile photo at any time by clicking “Edit Photo” in “View Profile” (See also under Section 6, Your Dashboard)

6) Your Dashboard

Your dashboard is your working space. Here you can complete your profile, search for members, select your matches and chat with, or send messages to, other members.

a) Basic Profile:

dashboard_profileFirst order of business is to complete your profile information as needed. Follow the instructions in the different fields. The more complete you are with your information, the better other people can find you.
To verify your identity (making sure you are a real person who is serious about looking for a partner) we require that you upload a photo of your picture ID. This information will not be visible to anyone on the website or looking at your profile. This verification is only done for administrative purposes. Your verification information will be reviewed and approved by the site administrator. This is not mandatory but your profile will state “Verified” which shows you are a real person.

b) Photos:

You can upload 3 photos on your free subscription, and unlimited photos when you have a subscription. It will help if you upload photos that show your activities and specific things you would like others to see. In the article: “How to Build an Online Profile” we’re giving some tips on how to attract the most attention.

c) Requests:

requestsThis section of your dashboard shows you chat requests from other members. If you want to respond, you can click on “Approve” and chat with that member through our message system. If you are not interested, just click “Decline.” The other member will not see that you have declined the invitation to chat.
NOTE: This only works for verified and subscribed members.

d) Search Members:

searchYou can search our members for potential matches. Just fill in the fields with the required information such as Keyword (Blond, Catholic), the country (United Stated, Brazil, etc.), Gender (Male/Female), Age Range (20 – 30) and body type if you want to go fancy. The search will select those members that fulfill the requirements you just listed, so you can review the matches and select the best one.

e) Members in Network:

Other members can connect up with you (or you with others) which will show up when you click this button. From there, you can send messages or chat. NOTE: Only verified and subscribed members can send messages and chat with other members.

f) Your Matches:

your_matchesThis page will show you all the members that have something in common with you and could be a match. When you click on any member photo, you will see the profile photo of this member and you can show interest or send a message. With each member, you will see 4 buttons:

– The first button shows a person icon. When you click this you tell the member that you are interested and you can send this member a message telling him or her so.

– The second button shows an envelope icon. When you click on this you can chat with that member.

Your_selection– The third button shows a heart icon. When you click this you have added that member to your favorites. Clicking the button again will remove this member from your favorite list.

– The fourth button shows a check mark icon. When this button is green, it will tell you that this member is verified.

g) Saved Matches:

These will show all the matches you have expressed interest in and want to communicate with. You can delete any of them without giving the member notice that he/she has been deleted.

h) Your Messages:

This page will be a listing of all the messages you sent and received, just like your regular email.

i) Subscription Settings:

This page shows a list of all purchases you have made, such as upgrading for a paid subscription, renewal of your subscription, etc.

7) Upgrading Your Account

As a free member, you can upgrade your account at any time. Upgrading gives you the advantage of messaging, chatting, unlimited photo uploads and access to customer support. It will also allow you to download our phone app to search for and communicate with members in our network.

For questions or support, just contact us by clicking here.


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