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The basic functions of the site are simple, easy-to-use and exciting to maneuver to assist you in finding that other member from somewhere in the world who is trying to find you.  LatinConexiones is not a matching service.  We are dedicated to empower each member to create a magical first impression and ignite that spark of interest in another. It is our hope and wish that our members use our dating and coaching advice to develop their newly found friendships into the glow of True Love.  Every love story has a beginning and LatinConexiones is a great place to start yours.         

Our mission is to give to all members the power of great communication to objectively understand themselves and how to find someone special to move a relationship from physical attraction to deeper friendship and ultimately to love.  We strive to enable members to develop lasting relationships. We will continuously expand our guidance to help you know yourself and that special person who will become your future partner.   

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